Web Development

Web Applications

We are specialised in the development and ongoing support of custom web-based software that is cost effective, reliable and accessible from any web‑enabled device.

B2B and B2C Web Portals

Advanced solutions for customer communication and service, supply chain management, sales automation and other business.

Billing and Payments

Service-oriented systems for financial institutions, payment service providers and companies with specific industry needs.

Content Management and Distribution

Heterogeneous content from diverse sources consolidated into a single centrally managed repository with accurate data.

Business Intelligence

Enterprise-wide reporting, online analytical processing, data mining, benchmarking and business performance management.

Customer Relationship Management

Accelerated business processes − from account management and marketing campaigns to sales automation and customer service.

Enterprise Portals & Intranets

Accelerated business processes through more efficient utilisation of corporate information resources.

Enterprise Content/Document Management

Facilitated document-related operations – document capturing, routing, lifecycle management, search, etc.

Software Prototyping

Rapid software prototyping. Proof of concepts to validate your business ideas and minimise development risks.

Prototyping is a development approach used to improve planning and execution of software projects by developing executable software systems (prototypes). It is very suitable for gaining experience in new application areas and for supporting incremental or evolutionary software development.

The creation of low-cost representations of the user interface to a system as a method of brainstorming, creating, testing and communicating ideas about the system being developed.


Convert the users’ description of the solution into mock-ups, factoring in user experience standards and best practices.


Share the prototype with users and evaluate, whether it meets their needs and expectations.


Based on feedback, identify areas that need to be refined or further defined and clarified.

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