Managed Infrastructure

containersA flexible and reliable infrastructure is the foundation for running business critical applications.  IT managers face the challenge of ensuring maximum availability and security while maintaining trouble-free operations.

Keeping pace with the rapid market changes while ensuring that business growth stays on track is possible today only with the support of next generation technology. Not only can these new technologies drive operational excellence and predictable business operations through a standards-based delivery model, it can also help facilitate innovation. Either by moving to cloud-based applications, optimizing the IT infrastructure or securing the workplace, enterprises need the support of an expert technology partner to help them navigate the various complexities involved.

Virtual servers, databases, firewall, backup solutions, load balancing, high availability, scaleability, managed containers, monitoring, alerts.

Continuous Integration And Delivery As A Service

Just deployed to production.

Build high quality, reliable and well respected software:

  • Release early and often
  • Keep it simple
  • Rolling updates, zero downtime
  • Power & simplicity across environments

The path to continuous delivery starts by modelling the software delivery pipeline used within the organisation …and then automating it.

Working with a Continuous Integration service can minimize fallout from bugs, speed their detection and make us more comfortable and proficient in releasing regular incremental improvements to your platform.

We model both simple and complex software pipelines.

We support workflow process steps that require human interaction.

We recover from the point of failure, as opposed to starting over.

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